Top Nursing Education Topics for Research

Top Nursing Education Topics for Research

Top Nursing Education Topics for Research

Choosing a topic is key to writing a nursing paper. Make sure the research topic is genuine and intriguing to impress your lecturer. Do you struggle to select your subject without repeating earlier work? Worry not because at we have the best nursing essay writers who will guide you with your nursing research assignment.

So, what should a nursing research topic include?

An excellent nursing research topic should be unique, relevant to the present, and able to be used in the future as well. In essence, the nursing topic should the 6 key elements namely Interesting, Relevant, Explorative, Specific,  Original, and  Meaningful.

Here is a look of the best nursing education topics for research

Topics for nursing patient education

Nursing requires patient education. It is generally agreed that educating a patient is one of the most important preventive nursing education topics for research Healthcare systems regard prevention as less cost-effective and productive.

A nurse may assist with the following four patient education topics:

1) Health promotion – focus on patient education
2) Injury and disease avoidance
3) Health restoration
4) Coping

Health Promotion Education Topics

To keep people from getting sick, the following nursing patient education topics, vaccines, and other treatments are taught. So, educating a patient is important for their health as a whole.

1) Domestic violence

2) Exercise

3) Family planning and pregnancy

4) Immunizations

5) Hormone replacement therapy and menopause

6) Nutrition

7) Osteoporosis

8) Injury prevention and protection

9) Common illness screening (e.g., cholesterol, blood pressure)

10) Breast and testicular self-examination

11) Sexuality counseling

12) Giving up smoking

13) Stress relief

14) Substance abuse

13) Weight control

14) Predictive well-child advice

Check out a sample nursing papers on Models of Health and Healing.

Disease Management Education Topics

1) Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)/sexually transmitted diseases (HIV)

2) Asthma/chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

3) Depression/anxiety

4) Arthritis

5) Headaches

6) Diabetes

7) Hyperlipidemia

8) Hypertension

9) Injuries from sports

10) Obesity

11) Upper respiratory infections/otitis media

Nursing Education Topics for Academic Research

Successful research and graduation from your program in nursing need you to choose a topic for your thesis that is both original and researchable. The greatest way to get to the top of the nursing profession is to focus on the right educational topics. To get you started, you may search up these topics.

1) Topics for nursing research on children

2) Efficient methods for minimizing newborn harm during birth.

3) Do childhood health problems have an effect on adult health?

4) What are the leading causes of child mortality?

5) Are malnutrition treatments for children effective?

6) What are the most common causes of childhood seizures?

7) Obesity-causing factors in children.

8) Eating disorders are prevalent in children. Is it possible that social media played a role?

9) ADHD causes and treatment options

10) What are the psychological aspects of infant care involved?

11) What role does genetics play in childhood diabetes?

12) What are some ethical principles?

13) Neonatal care has evolved and progressed over the last 50 years.

14) Talk about stem cell therapies for pediatric disorders.

15) Describe the link between vaccination and autism.

16) Discuss the impact of antibiotic resistance on children.

17) How do you start a reflection paper in nursing research?

Geriatric Nursing Research Topics

1) The effects of malnutrition on the organ system

2) Is there an association between diet and dementia?

3) How effective is a healthy diet in the prevention of osteoporosis?

4) How does aging affect our immune system?

5) What are the causes and risks of later-life depressive episodes?

6) Some effective strategies for preventing delirium in elderly patients.

7) Important alcoholism care measures for the elderly.

8) What problems do cancer patients face in their later years?

9) How can an extended hospital stay cause complications in critically ill patients?

10) How can the elderly keep their teeth clean?

11) Physical dehydration

12) The nerve structure and cognitive processes of the elderly change.

13) The effects of the cardio-vascular program as people age.

14) Predisposing factors for urinary tract infection and detection in the elderly

Looking for research topics related to nursing?

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Evidence-based practice nursing research topics

Midwifery Nursing Research Topics

1) There are several major risk factors for maternal depression.

2) What factors influence a positive parenting experience?

3) The effects and benefits of prenatal yoga on neonates and women.

4) What are the risks and causes of a bad pregnancy?

5) What is the efficacy of midwifery?

6) Interventions to prevent hypoglycemia in newborns.

7) Effective relaxation therapies and techniques are used to manage pain during childbirth.

8) How do sleep disturbances affect both mother and child?

9) The most effective method for dealing with pregnancy’s emotional and physical changes.

10) The most effective newborn baby care advice.

11) How important is faith in labor and delivery?

12) Talk to other women about the signs and symptoms of childbirth.

13) The diabetes-pregnancy link: risk factors and treatment options

Mental Health Nursing Education Topics

1) How does social networking affect mental health?

2) Describe the factors that contribute to anorexia.

3) The effects and causes of bipolar disorder.

4) How does the deep brain function?

5) What are the factors that contribute to depression?

6) The link between video games and adolescent depression.

7) What can be done to assist stroke patients in regaining motor function?

8) What steps can be taken to avoid post-traumatic stress disorder?

9) Provide a thorough examination of dementia treatment options.

10) What are the risks associated with anorexia?

11) The most common sources of stress in police officers.

12) What hereditary factors contribute to bipolar disorder?

13) What hereditary factors contribute to bipolar disorder?

14) Examine the mirror treatment exercises for brain rehabilitation.

15) What role do antipsychotics play in delirium treatment?

16) Individual schizophrenia experiences and self-identity

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Occupational Therapy Nursing Research Topics

1) Anxiety Patients’ Return to Work Preparation

2) Occupation Therapy’s Role in the Treatment of Mental Illness

3) Strategies for Personal Occupational Therapy Program Development

4) Occupational Therapy Assisted by Animals

5) Occupational Therapy for Substance Abuse Patients

6) Obesity Prevention for Teens in the Twenty-First Century

7) Occupational Therapy for Non-Speaking Patients

8) Returning to Work with a Prosthesis: Patient Preparation

9) Cats as a Depressed Patient Treatment Tool

Nursing Education Research Topics

1) Diabetes-Related Injuries and Treatment

2) Creating an essential hospital environment for elderly patients

3) The Connection Between Nursing Aid and Patient Stress

4) Treatment Options for PTSD Patients

5) Drug Dependency Program Administration

6) Nursing Burnout Prevention Strategies

7) Acute Pain Patients’ Care

8) The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Modern Independent Nursing System

9) Communication Difficulties Patients: Treatment and Diagnosis

10) Needs and Strategies for Continuous Pharmacological Learning for Nurses

Nursing Education Dissertation Topics Examples

Students from all around the globe have tackled the vast majority of available Top online dissertation topics in nursing education. What holds you back, however, from becoming a nurse? These are some of the subjects that may be covered in a CNE program.

1) Why do clients prefer home-based healthcare to hospitalization?

2) What would it cost you to take a long break from nursing and then return?

3) The effect of technological advances on the nursing profession

4) Nurses’ pay is inadequate to compensate for long hours.

5) The growing competition between nurse practitioners and recent graduates seeking long-term employment.

6) The significance of nurses’ workplace learning and training programs

7) Understanding a patient necessitates good communication skills on the part of the nurse.

8) The significance of nonverbal cues in forming bonds with people suffering from severe illness and pain.

9) Techniques for increasing the effectiveness of community nurses

10) The link between personal growth and success

Topics for Student Emergency Nursing Education

Do you need to turn in an assignment soon but have no clue how to get started? Do you have any suggestions for engaging subjects that may be included in nursing school?  Are you looking for that last-minute homework writing help? The following are current hot themes in emergency nursing curriculum. In addition to providing inspiration, they will jump-start your work.

1) Increasing the chances of survival for a drowning person

2) Improving patient flow

3) Detection of sepsis

4) Shock and trauma in children

5) The most effective methods for dealing with pepper spray exposure

6) Drug and alcohol testing for adolescent patients

7) The taser’s effect on cardiac disorders

8) Reducing the amount of violence in emergency rooms

9) Improving rural access to emergency care

10) Nasal administration of medications

11) Water intoxication in recognition of children

12) Surviving a miscarriage

13) Changing a patient’s behavior

14) Increased psychiatric and triage screening

15) Dealing with a pediatric fall victim.’

16) Terrorist attacks and natural disasters: how nurses can improve personal preparedness

17) Remaining behind as a family for resuscitation

18) Staff care following the death of a child improvement

19) Abused females’ treatment and identification

20) How to handle ‘human trafficking’ in the HR department

Topics For Nursing In-Service Education

If you’re arranging any forthcoming caregiver in-service learning or will be attending one yourself, you may find it helpful to familiarize yourself with the most popular online nurse in-service education themes. You should provide the nurses who attend your in-services a good range of activities to choose from, as well as plenty of time for questions and breaks.

Nursing Education Topics for Presentations

1) What Is the Relationship Between Alzheimer’s Disease and Falls?

2) Handling Body and Blood Fluid Spills

3) Respiratory Resident Care by Unlicensed Assistive Personnel –

4) Supporting Alzheimer’s and Dementia Patients –

5) Providing assistance to people who are at risk of falling

6) Medical Communications

7) Cultural Diversification

8) Suicide, Depression, and Stress Prevention

9) Diabetes and Insulin Management

10) Care for elderly patients using an Enterotomy Feeding Tub

11) Psychosocial care includes a range of motion, lifting, positioning, and transferring.

12) Healthcare and Ethics

13) Emphasis on the Med Pass to Reduce Medication Errors

14) HIPAA Compliance and Resident Rights

15) Respiratory Disorders

16) Nutrition and hydration

17) Safely handling residents

18) Senior Citizens’ Skin Care

19) Social Media Guidelines for Nurse Aides

20) These social media guidelines should be followed by healthcare providers and nurses.

21) Stress

22) The Fall Prevention Care Process

23) HIPAA Compliance and Resident Rights

24) The Fall Prevention Care Process

25) The Hospice Caregiver Role

26) Spiritual and Religious Profile of a Hospice Caregiver

27) An Overview of Therapeutic Diets

28) Safely handling residents

29) Treatment for Dementia

30) Workplace Harassment

31) Skin Care for the Elderly

32) Understanding dystonia

33) Fall Prevention Technology

Topics for nursing education workshops

Key discussion areas that the workshop topics will address have been determined. There is a need to examine the legal and ethical ramifications of using simulations and other innovative systems in nursing education, as well as their effects on student nurses’ and caregivers’ ability to learn.

As a second point, curriculum centered on societal issues should discuss the function of modern tools for promoting public wellness. To round things up, a workshop will provide participants a comprehensive introduction to digital techniques as instruments for enhancing clinical application and nursing process learning.

I was wondering whether you had heard anything about the nursing education workshop’s planned subjects. Today is your fortunate day. Some starting points and questions to investigate are provided below to get you started on your task.

1) Traditional simulation methods (e.g., standardized patient, role-playing, part-task trainer)

2) Simulation software, as well as web-based simulation

3) High-resolution modeling

4) Simulated scenarios

5) The impact of technology-based educational methods on student nurses’ learning outcomes

6) The impact of nurse learning outcomes on health outcomes and patient safety.

7) Information and communication technology (ICT)

8) Training for trainers

9) Interactive assessment

10) Student involvement

11) E-learning and e-education

12) The impact of electronic clinical recording systems on nursing education

13) How standardized taxonomies in electronic health records affect nursing process learning

14) Blended learning models

15) Technology-enhanced learning approaches in community health education programs

16) Health literacy and technology

17) Nursing topics that are currently trending

Hot Issues in Nursing Education

1) The COVID-19 outbreak affects caregivers

2) Concentrating on mental health.

3) Why are more nurses on the road?

4) A shortage of nurses

5) Nursing entrepreneurship

6) Public health and disaster preparedness

7) Nursing ingenuity

8) Technological progress.

9) Health equity

10) Interprofessional collaborations

Topics for health education in community health nursing

You may be in dire need of the top-notch community health nursing education topics but have no idea where to go. You’re becoming anxious as the due date draws nearer and you haven’t even started yet. Not to panic, since we have compiled a list of potential health education themes for community health nurses.

1) Long-term illness

2) Avoiding injuries and violence

3) Chemical occurrences

4) Behavioral health/mental illness

5) Unintentional pregnancy

6) Cardiovascular problems

7) Cancer of the cervix

8) Dental hygiene

9) Consumption of tobacco

10) Substance abuse

11) Nutrition

12) Physical activity

13) Obesity prevention

14) Adolescent well-being

15) Breastfeeding

16) Cancer

17) Compulsive behaviors

18) Long-term respiratory illnesses

19) Abortion during pregnancy

20) Aging

21) Cholera

22) Congenital flaws

23) Alcohol

24) Coronavirus infection

25) diabetes

26) Child development and growth

27) Anemia

28) Defining hearing loss

29 The Ebola virus

30) Elder mistreatment

31) Blood transfusion safety

32) Mental health

33) Epilepsy

34) Contraception

35) Foodborne illnesses

36) Equity in health

37) Health promotion

38) Dieting


40) Sleep deprivation

41) Patients’ legal rights

42) Nutrition for infants

43) Sterility

44) Malaria

45) Neonate well-being

46) Good oral hygiene

47) Palliative care for patients

48) Pneumonia

49) Sexual well-being

50) STI s

51) Abuse of children

52) Gender-based violence

53) Malaria

Nursing assistant education topics

CNA training programs are an excellent choice for those who desire to enter the nursing profession but lack the time or resources to complete a full Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. You will be able to help your patients with their everyday lives after you have finished your CNA training.

Do you know whether you’re going to sign up for those courses or not? Having said that, how acquainted are you with the normal course material that will be made available after you sign up? The following is a list of the subjects that will be covered throughout your nursing assistant training.

1) Patient safety and hygiene

2) Professional Communication Skills

3) Fundamental requirements

4) As examples of daily activities, consider personal care and exercise

5) Food and fluids

6) Mental Health

7) Elimination

8) Symptoms and Signs

10) Additional Instructions

Nursing education research topics of interest

Before receiving your nursing degree, you may be expected to turn in your nursing research project as proof of your competence in a particular area of nursing. Due to the breadth of the nursing profession, it may be challenging to identify interesting research subjects in nursing education.

It’s important to give some thought to what subject matter is a good match for you. Ensure that your topic is original, intriguing, timely, genuine, narrow in scope, and full of significance. We have compiled a long list of interesting areas to include in your nursing school curriculum.

Childhood nursing research topics

1) The effect of antibiotics on a child’s immune system

2) Pollutants in the environment and their effects on children

3) The effects of passive smoking on children’s development

4) Pediatric care ethics

5) Genetic factors influence diabetes in children.

6) Is newborn care better today than it was 50 years ago?

7) How has pediatric cancer treatment progressed?

8) What has changed in newborn care over the last 50 years?

9) How a child’s health affects their well-being later in life

10) How effective are childhood malnutrition treatments?

11) How should one approach psychological issues in children suffering from physical ailments?

12) Recognizing and treating respiratory illnesses in young children

13) How can inpatient cardiac care for children be improved?

14) How do we keep your baby safe while you’re in labor?

15) How can malnutrition in small children be avoided?

16) Environmental contaminants have an impact on pregnancy.

17) ADHD education and treatment

18) Obesity prevention measures for young children

19) A child’s resistance to antibiotics

20) Stem cell therapies for pediatric illnesses

21) The leading cause of death among children

22) The causes of childhood obesity

Adult nursing research topics

1) An examination of the oral and dental health

2) Assessing the cost-effectiveness of healthcare services

3) The Advantages of Collaborative Nursing

3) Examining depression’s causes

4) Examining the disparities in cardiovascular care between men and women

5) An examination of dietary differences

6) A look at nursing’s history and role in health care.

7) Examining the impact of culture on the nursing profession in various countries

8) Nurses require effective techniques for managing their mental health.

10) Data ethics in the senior healthcare system: Check out a free nursing paper on Healthcare Policy Brief Topic.

11) The evolution of nursing during a specific historical period

12) Historical and contemporary analysis of binge eating treatment

13) Nonchemical bipolar disorder treatments

14) Nursing interventions to prevent the spread and transmission of infectious diseases

15) Is it moral to kill for mercy?

16) Treatments for an acute coronary syndrome

17) Medical background

18) Anxiety disorder treatment history

19) A history of migraine therapy with illustrations and commentary

20) Treatment for restless leg syndrome

21) Triggers for chronic anxiety disorders

Nursing research topics for the elderly

1) Cardiovascular degeneration and age-related factors

2) Long-term hospitalization complications are investigated.

3) Diet as a factor in dementia research

4) Examination of the immune system’s impact on aging

5) Examination of signs of malnutrition in the elderly

6) An examination of the nurse’s role in advanced-care planning

7) Better pain management options for the elderly

8) A case study of vaccination for all the elderly

9) Case study of Parkinson’s disease

10) Using acceptable physical restrictions on elderly patients

11) Medical ethics in intensive care for the elderly

12) Medication-related medical emergencies in geriatric cancer patients

13) Preventing falls and injuries among the elderly

14) Methods for enhancing the oral health of elderly patients

15) Strategies for detecting dehydration in children

Women’s Health Education Topics

1) Examine emotional symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

2) An investigation into sexually transmitted illness prevention measures

3) An examination of sleep disorders in women

4) Evaluation of menopause treatment

5) Assessment of immigrant women’s health care

6) Women’s health in various cultures

7) Breast cancer detection procedure

8) Issues with female sexual health

9) The efficacy of breast cancer screening techniques

10) Environmental factors that contribute to the high rate of infertility

11) Ethical infertility care

12) Ethics in women’s health

13) Factors that facilitate female conception

14) The gender disparity among healthcare workers

15) Female acne treatments

Nursing research topics on chronic pain management

1) Investigating the effectiveness of non-pharmaceutical pain management in adolescents

2) Investigating the nurse’s role in pain management

3) pharmaceutical and nonchemical pain management options for post-surgery patients

4) The effectiveness of pain management techniques in cancer patients

5) Cognitive hypnotherapy for pain management: history and best practices

6) Nursing-relevant medication trends in pain management

7) Pain management in hemophilia

8) Chronic pain treatments

Healthcare management research topics

1) Investigating the quality of health care delivered in outpatient settings

2) Medical ethics for the homeless

3) Considering healthcare diversity

4) Taking into account the ethical implications of nursing uniformity code standards

5) Nursing evaluation of gender norms

6) Examining the shortage of men in the healthcare system

7) The impact and future of digital technology on caregiving

8) Hospital human resource administration

9) Emergency room management leadership styles

10) Rural approaches necessitate leadership.

11) Techniques for improving employee relations in health care

12) Nursing education for nurse leaders

13) Career paths ranging from nursing to medicine

14) The Future of Nursing: Remote Care

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