Reliability of Assessment Tools

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Reliability of Assessment Tools essay assignment

Evaluate validity and reliability of assessment tools and diagnostic tests
Analyze diversity considerations in health assessments
Apply concepts, theories, and principles related to examination techniques, functional assessments, and cultural and diversity awareness in health assessment
Apply assessment skills to collect patient health histories
Assignment 1

Assignment (3–4 pages, not including title and reference pages)

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Reliability of Assessment Tools

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Assignment Option 1: Adult Assessment Tools or Diagnostic Tests

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Include the following:

Please select one of the following


Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test

Pap smear

A description of how the assessment tool or diagnostic test you were assigned is used in healthcare.

What is its purpose?

How is it conducted?

What information does it gather?

Based on your research, evaluate the test or the tool’s validity and reliability, and explain any issues with sensitivity, reliability, and predictive values. Include references in appropriate APA formatting. At least 5 references not more than five years old.

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