Licensed And Unlicensed Nurses  Essay Assignment paper

Licensed And Unlicensed Nurses  Essay Assignment paper

Licensed And Unlicensed Nurses  Essay Assignment paper

Nurse practitioners (NPs) are nurses who have professional degrees in the field of nursing. One of the main functions of nurse practitioners is the promotion of patient’s health wellness through different education programs. The role of nurses has extended to areas like: mental and physical health, patients health records, performing different physical tests and examinations, taking notes of laboratory tests and their results. Nurse practitioners (NPs) generally work in vast domains like clinics, hospitals, and nursing home facilities. In 2009, there were about 159,000 nurse practitioners in the UK (Webb, 2002, 747).Licensed And Unlicensed Nurses

Differences between unlicensed and license nurse practitioner in the United Kingdom

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Licensed And Unlicensed Nurses  Essay Assignment paper

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Licensed Nurse Practitioners (LNP)

One of the most important clinical roles of licensed nurse practitioners (LNP) relay to their professional effectiveness and sovereignty in practice. These LNP can also prescribe medications, treat, order different diagnostic testing, and can also refer number of patients to other experts in the field of health care. Licensed nurse practitioners (LNP) observe and implement different evidence-based practices and they also bring the agenda of prevention and health education into their profession. In the UK, nurses have a proper license for carrying out their practice. In the UK, most of these licenses are provided by a state’s board of nursing such as The Nursing and Midwifery Council. Through this license, nurse practitioners are distinguished from a physician, who in general practices under direct supervision of physicians.

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