Telemedicine Technology  Essay Assignment paper

Telemedicine Technology  Essay Assignment paper

Telemedicine Technology  Essay Assignment paper

Organizations operating in competitive markets continuously seek enhanced competitiveness through the development and innovation of technology and market, design, distribution systems, etc. All organisations in medicine need to adapt to technological change, as there was discovered a new branch in medicine, which called telemedicine. That means that the organizations have to find new ways to communicate with customers, for example, by Internet, text (e.g. SMS), voice (e.g. phone), and video (e.g. video calls) (Shahriyar, R. (2010). For many organizations, telemedicine offers the ability to improve access to medical services while potentially lowering the costs associated with the delivery of care. This objective aligns well with the national mandate to deliver efficient and effective care in a consistent and reproducible way. With this framework as the goal, the implementation of a telemedicine program requires the active participation of physicians, clinical and management staff, as well as patients. Each of these stakeholders plays a significant role and contributes to the successful implementation. Telemedicine Technology Essay

Telemedicine involves the use of rapidly evolving technology that carries enormous promise to improve the current level of medical care. Telemedicine technology is changing the delivery of healthcare—along with a note of caution for organizations that are taking advantage of relaxed regulations to expand their use of telemedicine services. So, there are many benefits of telemedicine for organizations, which are:

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Telemedicine Technology  Essay Assignment paper

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1. Provide ICU Physicians, nurses “a second set of eyes”

Telemedicine technology provides a “second set of eyes” for nurses or physicians who must treat several patients at once amid alarms and other distractions that may make them miss a medication dose, sudden change in blood pressure or other important signal (Shahriyar, R. et al. (2010). Staff of the tele-ICU have the same access to patient data such as vital signs, lab results and physician’s notes as on-site critical care staff, and they use one- or two-way cameras to perform bedside assessments or confer with physicians. Telemedicine Technology Essay

2. Diagnose and Treat Strokes Faster

The sooner a stroke victim receives treatment, the better the chance of survival. In many cases, treatment hinges on the capability to identify key symptoms and administer medicine known as tissue plasminogen activator within three to five hours of suffering a stroke. Unfortunately, emergency room physicians don’t always have the expertise to make these decisions, and small or rural hospitals don’t always have a neurologist on call.

3. Let Patients Undergo Rehab at Home

When patients are discharged from the ER or the ICU, the care process is often just beginning. In many cases, these patients find it difficult to travel to a health care facility regardless of whether they are in an urban or rural setting (Saranto, K. (2009). The use of telemedicine technology makes it easier to follow the patient in rehabilitation by means of conducting cognitive or psychiatric assessment, leading group therapy sessions, providing patients with online resources and remotely monitoring a patients’ pedometer readings to ensure that an exercise regimen is up to par.

4. Improve Rural Healthcare Around the World

As stated, telemedicine technology offers much promise for patients in the rural United States. Its biggest impact, though, may be felt in Africa and other parts of the developing world where healthcare services are equal parts scarce and inaccessible. Remote consultations can help address relatively minor conditions before they become major disease.Telemedicine Technology Essay

Thus, the develop of technologies plays a substantial role in medicine in a whole. Telemedicine is a point which raises medicine to a new level and helps organizations to facilitate their work and make it faster and effectively.


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